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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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new charges late tonight against the man now wanted in the disappearance of a uva college student. >> tonight, more air strikes over syria. >> the presidentes strthses e importance of the fight against isis, one egyptian whose job it is to promote peace tells us how difficult it might be. >> and who is the new terror group, khorasan. >> a new terror threat. >> plus concerns, about dangerous gas pipes that may be
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underground in your neighborhood. our top story tonight, new charges against jesse matthews, a suspect in the disappearance of a local uva student, hanna graham. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. matthew is charged with abduction with intent to pedophile. two searches are under way. >> reporter: that's right. the search for hanna graham continues, but police say they now know who abducted her, the last person to see her alive, jesse matthew. >> we obtained an arrest warrant for jesse matthew, jr., of charlottesville charging him with a class 2 felony abduction with the intent to defile. >> reporter: now, a suspect in the disappearance of hanna graham. he was seen in surveillance video following the 18-year-old student just after 1:00
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saturday. witnesses saw him with hanna graham at the temple restaurant in the outdoor downtown mall. the chief would not talk about the evidence, but they were waiting for forensic test results for items, including clothing at his apartment and from his chrysler coup. earlier, chief lonless says they have every reason to believe hanna was in his car. this past saturday, he came to police headquarters to inquire about getting an attorney, but police say he took off. police gave chase but stopped as speeds grew excessive. he's been on the run or hiding since and police have chased down numerous possible sightings across virginia. >> we slulgs are -- á absolutely are continuing our search for hanna as we speak and will continue our search. >> reporter: police have narrowed down the search to three areas, including the rich mand area. he has contacts in virginia, maryland, dc, new york and pennsylvania.
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in charlottesville, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> police believe he may be driving his sister's 1997 nissan sentra similar to this one. you can also find this vehicle's description along with matthew's wanted poster on our website and social media pages. take a moment and please share with your friends to help spread the word. we have new informationot triple murder trial of john sev renes. the judge out of fairfax county will preside over this case. she is the same judge in the case of the dc sniper. three alexanderria judges recused themselves from the case. he faces the murder charges of three residents and will be back in court on monday. in prince georges county, police are working on the body they believe is the former dc treasurer. that body was found saturday. he was reported missing last
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week in dc. mack served as treasurer in the district from '05 to 2012. air strikes on isis are prompting a warning to law enforcement agencies all across the country. the department of homeland security is recommending a high alert, as we enter day 2 of the air campaign in syria. >> so far, we know us and arab allies have carried out more than 200 air strikes in iraq and syria. american forces have also launched at least 20 tamahawks and cruise miss ilz stationed at sea. tonight, president obama and leaders of other countries backing our effort against the terrorists and sending a very clear message, that the world is united. >> all of us are committed to making sure that we degrade and ultimately destroy not only isil, but the kinds of extremist ideologies that would lead to so much blood shed. this is not going to be something that's quick and it's
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not something that's going to be easy. it will take time and it's not only a military effort. >> isis is not the only threat to us security. in fact, the terrorist organization even more dangerous that's affiliated with al-qaida has already been planning an attack in the us. >> jim osmond has been digging deeper into the group known as khorasan and the danger it presents here at home. >> reporter: this is the face of a little known terror group called khorasan. he was a teenager when 9/11 happened and now has a bounty on his head as the leader. if you haven't heard of the group, khorasan, it's time to listen up. >> one of the reasons people haven't heard of it is it is a very secretive organization. >> reporter: it's an al-qaida affiliate training gihaddists in the us. >> they actually had a plot that
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was close to completion. choes khorasan is a part of the al-qaida. not even an off shoot. >> reporter: khorasan is not focused on the regime in syria or the syrian people, but are planting roots in syria to plan for attacks on the west. >> this group out there is potentially yet another threat to the homeland. >> reporter: the group khorasan is believed to be made up of very jihadist organizations, small, secretive and under the radar. terror experts knew relatively little until recently when khorasan threatened the obama organization. >> they did not surface in reporting until just a few weeks ago. >> reporter: now, us intelligence officials are concerned khorasan may include operatives who learned from a man who twice came close to bringing down western airlines.
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jim osmond, wusa 9. >> thank you, jim. the president stressed the importance of the united states not going it alone against khorasan. >> mola lenghi tells us about the critical role arab nations in the region can play. >> reporter: terrorist groups are often emboldened by us military's operations in arab countries. they use these moments so often to recruit more members. in this instance as the us strikes syria, support from other arab countries becomes even more critical. >> this is not america's fight alone. >> reporter: while the bulk of new air strikes against isis and syria have so far been carried out by the us, the mission includes the support and backing of several important arab countries, saudi arabia, jordan, united arab emirates and qatar. noticeably missing is egypt. while egyptian president says he supports and is ready to join the fight against isis, he says
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his country needs apache helicopters and f 16s that the us was supposed to send to more than a year ago, but suspended delivery due to turmoil in the nation. aircrafts will be delivered, and now as important as egypt's military contributions will be, the broad influence they have in the arab world may be just as important. >> the idea is the coalition is formed, and we are pt this coalition, and the symbolism is there with our public announcement that we are part of the coalition. >> we are totally, totally against this isis and against this. it's not just about us. >> reporter: supported by the egyptian government, this man travels the world promoting peace, but even he says against isis, peace will not come easy. >> these people don't want peace by any means. >> reporter: national security analysts say the air offensive
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against isis in the middle east could last years. he says, the world is ready. >> egypt and all of arab, and all the world, we can stand against isis and terrorism. >> reporter: tomorrow, president obama is scheduled to address the united nations' general assembly about the international coalition's military strikes on isis over syria. >> thanks. there is a new barrier up between the people and the people's house. a second fence holds tourists back an extra 12 feet from the white house. an iraqi war veteran made it over the fence, through the yard into the first family religious friday night. according to documents, he was there to warn the president that the atmosphere around him was collapsing. a warning tonight about explosive pipes that could be running near your neighborhood. >> i'm investigating reporter russ ptacek. coming up, our investigation into the secret list, what natural gas experts have
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identified as the riskiest addresses in washington, maryland, and virginia. >> and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. you might need this by tomorrow morning and this by tomorrow morning. chilly, but not quite as chilly as this morning. dress appropriate the kids for the bus stop. when we come back, we'll t
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♪ a wusa 9 usa today investigation has identified a secret list of risky natural gas pipelines all over the dc area. >> investigative reporter russ ptacek is battling to get it and reports on an aging underground system, creating risks here and across the country. >> reporter: your neighborhood could be on that list, but we can't tell you because it's not public and officials won't turn it over. the gas companies are fighting our attempts to get it. and it is no secret how dangerous natural gas can be when things go wrong. watch, prince georges fire evacuated 50 people, but firefighters stayed inside a natural gas leak at lito's pizza, and more were moving in.
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>> we have an explosion in the building. we have an explosion in the building. >> reporter: the 2009 gas explosion gutted several stores, including the pizza shop owned by mohammad sudiki. >> we had a fire, power outage, and then the gas smell. >> reporter: investigation photos show the damage, including where before that explosion, the pavement behind the store was spewing natural gas. >> it was bubbling. >> you actually saw the pavement bubbling, and you smelled this gas. how strong was the smell? >> it was very strong gas. >> you felt the pavement vibrating? >> vibrating, yes. vibration is very strong. >> and then boom. >> boom. the building blown up. >> reporter: photographs document an area described as underground electric line failing, which resulted in the main gas line melting. >> at one point, we see the roof was booming out and down.
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>> reporter: there was no known warning, and lito's has since rebuilt, but our investigation has uncovered documents showing there are now natural gas warnings stamped confidential, identifying specific locations in maryland, virginia, and dc, by risk. >> this document indicates there's a list of the highest risk source, the top 100. does the public have a right to know? >> no. >> what if that's a school or a hospital? >> if it's a school or a hospital, believe me, it's being fixed. >> how do we know that, because we don't know where it is. what if it's my apartment building? >> i'm sorry. we have an obligation to protect critical infrastructure. >> betty ann king is chairman of the dc public service commission. she refused to disclose the location citing security concerns and gas company arguments that they could reveal proprietary information, meaning there is no way to tell if any location is near a gas main
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experts have dubbed highest project risk or riskiest pipe segments. look at the list in dc obtained under the freedom of information act. row after row of washington gas pipeline with addresses blacked out. the risk priority score also redacted. virginia officials not only redacted the entire service territory map, but cited confidential information as the reason for leaving off location-identifying attachments that identify threats and rank risk. maryland responded, we do not maintain the utility company's plans. across the country, a usa today wusa 9 investigation identified natural gas explosions causing as many as 21 deaths a year since 2004, killing a total of 135 people. and about every other day, gas leaks causing property damage or destruction or people being injured or killed. 84 of those incidents were in virginia, maryland or dc, unlike the plastic pipes that failed at
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lito pizza in forestville. experts say many of the culprits is cast iron pipe purried under ground. a usa analysis identified tens of thousands of miles of pipelines under ground. in maryland, there are more than 1300 miles of cast iron poop-petrators line, in virginia, 332, and in dc, 318 miles, and federal investigators says it's prone to failure and needs replacing. in washington, documents indicate 3.6% of gas carried leaks and goes unaccounted. >> the chance of a pipeline failing in any one place is pretty small, but if you live in one of those older east coast cities that have hundreds of miles of cast-iron pipe, that's just a failure waiting to happen. >> reporter: the usa today analysis showed nationally, companies have already replaced 27,000 miles of cast iron and bare metal pipe, but there are 86,000 miles still under ground.
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the gas industry says it is committed to safety in replacing the pipe, but the cast iron and steel pipes are often perfectly safe to operate if they're inspected regularly. >> the work that's going on daily and has been going on for years to replace these pipes. >> reporter: although, there is no way to cross-check those blacked out high-risk addresses, agencies say they are prioritizing high-risk sites in accelerated replacement plans going on now. the plan for replacing all cast iron across the region will take decades. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa 9. >> companies are replacing cast iron and there are still segments with plastic and pipe coated with protective layers, and we are going to continue to get those addresses for you. you can learn more about the wusa 9 usa today investigation by going to you can also enter your zip code for more information that could be about your area. the only station with weather alert days, wusa 9's
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first alert weather. >> our first full day of fall, not too bad, but topper, a little rain coming our way. >> i got to tell you, the models are just flip flopping all over. here's my note, i have whip lash. model a is wet then dry, model b is dry then wet. steady as she goes. that's what we'll do. steady as she goes. a live look outside business a beautiful evening, still 64 outside. still pretty comfortable. a few high clouds, winds calm. east-northeast at about 6. winds won't be a factor until tomorrow afternoon picking up out of the east-northeast. tomorrow, still a very pleasant day. not post card perfect, but pleasant. 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., sweat shirt for your kids and yourself if you're out there with the kids. rain and showers wednesday night. as crazy as the models are, they agree on one thing, the heaviest rain will occur overnight
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tomorrow night late at night. they also agree on when it exits the region and everybody's pretty much in agreement that thursday, the showers will be ending before kick-off, and we think they'll be ending well before tail gating. so here's the future cast. early in the morning, 8:00, just a few high clouds, 60s downtown. by 1:00, you can still walk to lunch, sunshine and more clouds to the south of us. by 4:00, some showers kind of get their way into southern maryland, southern st. mary's county and calfert county but i think we're all dry in the immediate area. 6:00, going down into southern maryland, a dry commute home. we did not issue a yellow alert tomorrow evening. 8:00, some showers develop right along i-95. nothing crazy heavy. here's all the crazy heavy stuff, the yellows and oranges and reds along the delmarva, and tomorrow, big time rain, scattered showers for us. eventually, 3:00 a.m. be overnight tomorrow night, a
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batch of activity rolls through. yellows, a little heavier than light, just moderate activity rolls through while we're sleeping. by 6:00, left-over residual shower, a wet thursday morning, thus the yellow alert. and we think by noon on thursday, we're going to be pretty much done with this system so kind of a quick hitter. overnight, clear skies and chilly again. lows 46 to about 56. we'll break this down for you. temps in the 50s to start, 63 by 9:00. not as cool as it was this morning. 68 at 11:00, some high clouds, 71 at 1:00 p.m. again, some high clouds but safe to walk to lunch. rain and showers ending thursday, 71. there's your yellow alert. we bounce back nicely, beautiful again on friday, 78. next few days, weekend looks nice. temps flirting with 80 saturday and sunday. nats finish up their season on sunday. the ravens have a home game. tail gating weather will be in the 70s. next week still 80s and 70s.
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>> looking good. by the way, for folks at home, egrizzy. >> that was derek mcginty. >> how'd you come up with that? >> you know how i do. okay. for the last inning or two of the nationals, they looked like they were trying to hard not to win. >> i know. they're keeping it interesting all season. why would it be any different now? nats keep on rolling for their push for the best record in the national
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now, wusa 9 game on sports with kristin berset, brought to you by xfinity. >> for the first time since clenching the divisional title coming off of a four-game sweep on the road, the washington nationals took the field at the park, the crowd was pumped, but the battle for home field position starts. the final push started against the new york mets. this game was tied at 1 in the bottom of the 5th. a three-run shot into the ball park, 4-1 nats. they take a two-run lead into the 9th. nats have won 13 of the last 16 games. they came into tonight with a three-game lead over the dodgers
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for the best record. la is playing right now. earlier today, the washington capitals took over nats park to unveil a special jersey for the winter classic. the rink was laid out covering 2nd and 3rd base giving the players a visual of what to expect. >> it's good to give you a visual of where the rink's going to be. the first thing will be to figure out where weour families to sit and everything for a nice viewpoint. it's nice to be here to see that and it's going to be a great, great experience. >> the baltimore oriols' slugger cruz hits the 40 mark this season with a homer. whether you think it was a cheap shot or not, the nfl says the hit chris baker placed on
11:26 pm
nick foles was okay. we'll see what happens there, but for now, baker will join his team on the field thursday night as they take on the giants. it's a team as quarterback kirk cousins squared off against in the final game of last season. cousins says he's using that experience and everything he's learned since to prove he can lead this team to a win. >> experienced that game last week, will help me going forward. playing the last three games last year, is a very similar team. will it make the difference? i don't know. hopefully, it will help give me confidence and help us get a win. >> this saturday, we have a chance to see how the terps stack up in their new conference. they take on indiana on the road. quarterback cj brown says a win saturday will be a great starting off point for this program. >> it's a huge step for this program. it's the 1st of may. we're looking forward to it. it's the first game of the
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conference and, you know, you've got to go out there and win. >> they obviously have tougher opponents ahead in the big 10 but they can start off with a w against indiana. >> absolutely. makes them feel better about working hard. and, if there's a problem, they don't blame... others, they try to solve it. that's also the story of... this virginian: mark warner, the governor who worked to turn... a record budget deficit into a surplus. now ranked one of... america's most bipartisan senators, he's working to create jobs, fix veterans' healthcare and cut... the national debt. i know you get a lot more done when you work together. i'm mark warner and i approve this message.
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hi, are we still on for tomorrow? tomorrow.
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quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow.
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tonight, we take you to portland oregon where police promise to serve and protect the public. >> that's what they say everywhere, right? but serving pizza? after a delivery man got hurt in a serious accident, the officers said, you know what, we're going to finish the job. turns out pizza hut had actually delivered a second pie because they didn't think the first one was going to get there, so the customer ended up with two pizzas, and the portland police department, well, let's just say they made some new friends,
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because everybody likes a good pizza. >> speaking of pizza, i want some right now. i like pineapple and pepperoni. >> i like sausage and pepperoni. >> pepperoni and black olives. >> load it with meat. >> wow, meat lovers. >> but eating pizza this time of the night, not good. we'd have to roll in tomorrow. that's wusa 9's pizza news for tonight. thanks for sticking around. >> letterman
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in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know.
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i'm john foust and i approve this messge.
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